Ainsley: F&F Weekend “Will Announce Changes”

Once again a Fox & Friends co-host has saved the day for the suits at FNC. The beautiful, fun, and increasingly flirty Ainsley Earhardt responded to a missive from me today. In answer to my query as to the status of her and Clayton Morris on Fox & Friends Weekend, she said, “No word yet on what will happen with the show; I’m just filling in until I hear otherwise; [and] we will announce changes when they are final.” Thank you, Ainsley!

FNC has some of the most loyal viewers ever: it should reward them with keeping them in the loop. Even if the viewers do not like the personnel changes, they should, at least, know. Please rethink your policy, FNC: you report, we decide.

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4 Responses to “Ainsley: F&F Weekend “Will Announce Changes””

  1. Rita Crawford Says:

    Kelly Wright sometimes had a dirty statement to make when describing things and Page let her jealousy be know to the younger ladies of fox by her snide remarks .I am glad they kept Greg Kelly who has great morals and personality !

  2. Stuart Says:

    Page Hopkins and Alisyn Camerota are top of the line female co-host period!! Alisyn needs to be on all three hours Monday-Friday!! These two are the most professional in journalistic skills and have the best sense of humor with the male co-hosts. Period!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hgb3 Says:

    J, The last girl I went out with declined a 2nd date with me, using very similar language to that used by Ainsley Earnheardt……

    OK, actually she used much more definitive language: she told me she was “taking a hiatus from men for awhile….” etc..

    I guess you won’t delete Ms. Earnhardt’s email reply…… for a few weeks at least.

  4. Ainsley: F&F’s New “It Girl” | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] 2008 (almost 8 years to the date of her future debut as queen of the F&F curvy couch), Ainsley apprised the author that she was just filling in and that FNC would announce changes when they were final: Even though […]

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