F&F Weekend Juggles Co-hosts

Fox & Friends Weekend for the second consecutive weekend is apparently rejiggering their cast of co-anchors. Ainsley Earhardt and Clayton Morris returned but Adam Housley did not: in Housley’s place, was Greg Kelly, a member of the Page Hopkins and Kelly boys F&F Weekend team. Once again the co-hosts introduced themselves but failed to state their status, i.e., substitutes or replacements. Since they failed to mention Kelly Wright and Page Hopkins’ absence once again, it seems rather reasonable to assume that Fox & Friends Weekend has ousted the two. (Kelly Wright’s co-hosting of FNC’s Saturday 2008 You Decide two hours later today is further evidence of his removal from the F&F Weekend roster.)

When Fox News lost Kiran Chetry to CNN, F&F Weekend lost its morning magic and it has been struggling ever since to regain its footing. Courtney Friel, entertainment correspondent and masculine Maxim girl, was brought in on an apparent trial basis without success. (Aimsley Earhart even made an appearance with the old team that did not quite work.) When Page Hopkins joined the ensemble, it then had a preaching singer (Kelly Wright), a sexpot wannabe (Page), and an uncomfortable Scud Stud II (Greg Kelly). The interaction seemed more than a bit forced and they failed to adequately solicit input from the viewers.

Now it appears that their New Yorker G.I. Ken is now surrounded by a sexy, Southern belle and a witty West Coast wag. With its current monopoly on comparable cable weekend morning news programs, F&F Weekend probably feels safe to restructure its program without admitting it to its most loyal viewers. However, it cannot count on more casual or TiVo viewers who may turn away or fastforward without a more personal connection to its co-hosts.

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40 Responses to “F&F Weekend Juggles Co-hosts”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Clayton Morris is NOT from the West Coast … He’s from Philly and needs to go back …

    This is one viewer that’s been with FNC since Day One that will NOT continue to watch Fox & Friends Weekend …

  2. jakeho Says:

    Tammy, Clayton did recently come from Philly but he started out as a producer in LA.

  3. Wayne Says:

    It’s a refreshing change. The show has never been the same since Kiran left and Paige was out of her element. It will be nice to spend a weekend morning not watching her squirm around on that couch.

  4. Ruth Says:

    Sick and tired of watching Fox replace people with no explanation. I watched C.M. on a Florida morning show. The new blonde is awful. FAKE.
    I do not like what is happening again.

  5. Clara Fries Says:

    I do not like Ainsley Earnhardt. She seems to be an airhead. What was that stunt with Rich Reithmuth in a pair of pants? Isn’t she married? Bad taste… Hmmmm. Did her husband approve?

    The other new guy is okay, but, he seems to want to steal the show with his humor. He seems to be a bit narcisisstic.

    I liked Kellly Wright, but you need to CHANGE Ainsley. She is not smart enough, and she goofs up all her lines.

    Sorry!!! Why dont you tell us that this is a new panel? Dont you think we will see them with our eyes and wonder where the familiar hosts went?

    BAD CHOICE!! Keep Greg. He is super intelligent, funny, and not to mention nice to look at.

    Clara Fries
    Ladson, SC.

  6. jakeho Says:

    Ruth, I agree: for a cable news network that touts its relationship w/ the viewer, it’s amazing that FNC shows so little regard for the viewer when making personnel changes. Btw, what is C.M.?

    Clara, Ainsley seems to be trying to sauce up her prim & proper Southern lady image w/ some NY edginess. Who would you replace her with in the FNC fold?

  7. MB Says:

    I woke up the other morning & couldn’t figure out what was on the TV since I didn’t recognize any of the voices. Much to my surprise, none of the regular weekend people were on. It was like when ED Hill moved on … not one mention of it, Gretchen just showed up one day & that was it. I am not a big fan of Gretchen’s, by the way.

  8. joseph Says:

    James, what’s the deal? No commentary whatsoever on the great Buckley?

  9. Leslie Says:

    We have watched Fox & Friends for years but we do not care for Ainsley on a permanent basis. She needs to just do the news or a minor role-she is vivacious but to the point of annoying @ times. The new Clayton guy is not funny & I don’t know why they hired him-not sure what he brings to the table. Page was okay and Kelly was probably ready for another assignment. Greg is great. It is bothersome when all these major changes occur with no explanation to the customers.

  10. Boner Says:

    Ainsley is great.. Page needed to go…. you can build around Ainsley.. Show had lost it’s touch prior to trying to replace the two other hosts

  11. Donna H Says:

    I’ve always been a Fox & Friends fan but I agree I’m tired of Fox changing hosts without a word. I really liked Kelly Wright and Page thought they did a great job.

  12. Susie Says:

    I have quit watching F&F Weekends since the latest panel change. No chemistry whatsoever, and it is painful to view. I really hate it, as I used to enjoy watching it as I drank my morning coffee.

  13. Bill Jones Says:

    I still watch Kiran Chetry on Cnn/morning. Alicyn Cammorata is good they still kept her. There doesn’t seem to be any consistancy on FNC weekend anymore. I look around at all shows now that I can’t relate to any of them or their opinions

  14. elizabeth Says:

    Am extremely disappointed that Kelley Wright is no longer on
    on F&F Weekends. What’s with the constant changing? In most instances, there is no improvement. There are far too many blondes and the new weekend guy is totally boring. Let well enough alone. If this keeps up, you’re going to ruin Fox. It’s begun to look like CNN and MSNBC.

  15. Chuck Says:

    Kiran Chetry was not “lost” to CNN. Her agent tried to pull a fast one on Fox and had something of a “take it or leave it” offer for her renegotiated salary. Fox could not “accept” Chetry’s terms which far exceeded any of the other talent and they showed her the door. Chetry’s husband Chris Knowles still had a job at Fox, but left in support of his wife, understandably.

  16. NANCY Says:

    Give Clayton Morris a chance! Apparently this is the type of thing that all radio and and TV stations do…get you hooked on the Anchors and then one morning you tune in to find they have vanished without a trace!

    Clayon was with Fox Philly29 for just short of a year and he was very entertaining…they pulled the plug on him in the early fall and many of his followers have been searching for him ever since! It was a great relief to finally spot him this weekend.
    I know how you feel though…it makes you feel like you can’t trust the network when they don’t even give you a chance to find out what happened to one of your favorites.

  17. Carol Says:

    I always watch F&F — daytime and weekend — but this latest shift has left me cold. I liked the team, but I (like some others here) found the commentary to not make sense politically. Couldn’t follow some of the lines of thinking. However, I like the Kelly, Hopkings, Wright team a lot better than the current line up. The show was so light-weight last weekend, I finally turned it off. It was terrible.

    As far as F&F weekdays, I also find Gretchen to be awkward on the set and would like to see her replaced.

    I find that the changing cast of characters just is not connecting with me. Makes Fox feel unstable. Wish we had Chetney back.

  18. Amy Says:

    Clayton Morris is awful on F&F weekends – he thinks he is funny…but he’s not. I miss Kelly Wright.

    I’ve been an exclusive F&F fan for years…now weekends are not for me anymore. Sorry Fox…

  19. Nancy Says:

    Each Sun. morn I go looking for Kelly and he is not there , what a mess you have now. Greg is great-the rest need to be retired

  20. ART neal Says:

    I’ve been a F&F fan since day 1. This 67 year young male says, “keep Greg and Ainsley an lose Clayton”. He’s irritating.

  21. Ruth Says:

    To jakeho C.M. stands for Clayton Morris. I have watched again this weekend. Very tired of the two new ones hogging the limelight. CM literally thinks he is terribly funny. The blonde unfortunately is acting just like a sterotypical blonde. Where is our Friends on Fox and Friends.

  22. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Ruth, for the “CM” clarification.

    There doesn’t seem to be any clear consensus on this thread as to which co-host, if any, to replace. However, the sophomore Greg appears to be the fave (to keep) of the current crop.

  23. sharon Says:

    can’t watch F&F weekend anymore! To bad you changed personnel!!!!!

  24. Terry Says:

    I’ve been listening to F&F weekend for quite some time now. When I started watching, Allison was still on along with Kelly Wright and Grey Kelly. After Allison left to have her baby there was never any mention of when she was coming back, if she was coming back, etc. Now for the last 5 weeks or so Kelly Wright has been gone. No word whatsoever. No way to treat loyal fox fans. I’ve emailed the morning show several times but no one has the deciency to to take 1 minute to email me back. Fox has lost me as a weekened or anytime viewer.

  25. Tom Says:

    Kirin Gentry or however you spell it wasn’t a great F&F host. She was an air head with FANTASTIC legs that is perfect for CNN.

  26. Elena Hammond Says:

    I have been a very loyal F&F watcher for the past few years. I even DVR the show on week days and weekends so that I won’t miss any of it. However, when the powers that be decided to replace all three of their weekend anchors without a word of explanation (admittedly, they kept Greg Wright for a few weeks), I felt betrayed. Granted, this is just television. But I spend many hours watching Fox News Channel; is it too much to ask for a simple explanation of the total weekend switch? I have e-mailed several times but received no answer.
    I no longer watch the weekend show. I will go back to the Today show, though I stopped watching it when I found the amazing team of Greg (SO cute and funny), Page and Kelley. I cannot tolerate Ainsley–what an airhead. Clayton does nothing for me. Eric Shaun is all right, but I don’t feel that F&F is the place for him. What a shame. Fox does not care about its viewers, it is very apparent. Can they not at least tell us–has Page left Fox News???

  27. Ginger Says:

    The only people who seem to enjoy the Ainsley / Clayton combo are the horndogs over at Reporter Caps.

    Ainsley fits the “mass communications” major stereotype. Real journalists always laugh at those kids. All they learned to do was read a teleprompter.

    Fox has sunk to an all-time low.

  28. Susan Says:

    I think it’s a classic example of “Boys with their toys,” Ainsley and Courtney being the toys. Now that is fine, I can understand that, ratings and all, but to put two of them on at once is almost an assault.

    They are both insipid.

    TPTB at Fox have discounted the female audience.

    Why, with all the intelligent and beautiful women on Fox, do they have to choose these women?

    If it wasn’t for Greg Kelly, I would turn Fox off.

    If they stick with this current line-up, I and many other female fans will no longer be watching.

  29. jean Says:

    I used to watch fox, now I do not watch it anymore. Since kiren left the show, I watch other news networks. A good network RFD is a great one since Imus is back on the air. Good-by Fox.

  30. Jeff Knepper Says:

    I used to watch F&F all the time. I was not happy with Kirin’s explanation-free departure… even less so with the recent also explanation-free departure of the Kellys and Page. I heve emailed several times… always no response. With this kind of treswtment it is hard to staqy loyal. My departure as a Fox fan has not been explanation-free.

  31. Mike Says:

    I too was sad to see Kiran go, but life goes on- i won’t watch CNN to see her. Ainsley is top shelf- she’s a KEEPER!! I think they jsust need time to gel together, but don’t sitch so often and not tell people whats going on

  32. Kathy Kegley-Moore Says:

    I have been a longggggg time Diehard FOX Fan. Leaving their channel on day and night watching and listening while I run my company since 2001.

    Well, their bias toward Governor Huckabee, and downright rudeness, finally did it in for me. And if I heard the words “Mitt Romney” one more time, for Vice President, I think I would have to throw a chair at the TV.

    So, I sucked it up and started watching CNN during the weekend mornings. It’s mainly hard news reading, but hey, it gets me away from the TV a little more.

    I used to watch practically every show, but I especially REFUSE TO WATCH Fox and Friends weekend when I have to put up with smart mouth Clayton Morris and airhead, don’t have a clue about the news I’m reading, Courtney Friel. What are they thinking there with Mr. Morris? You can just tell some people don’t fit in, and this dude definitely doesn’t.

    They’ve lost me and I promise I won’t return until they get back to basics like Mike and Juliet or Kelly Wright and Paige Hopkins style of people.

  33. siodacain Says:

    why are f&f weekend trying to be fixed. ithe cast wasn’t broken. the best team was greg kelley, page hopkins and kelly wright. their mix was muc, much better that the current.

  34. Veronica Says:

    I’m liking the “dude” Clayton Morris. I enjoy his wit- and intelligence! – That is when he is able to get a word in – next to Greg!! The “eye candy” in the middle of the two guys is ususally just that. I do prefer Ainsley however.

  35. Jon_in_Buffalo Says:

    F&F Weekend was at its best when Kiran Chetry , Alysin Camerota and Kelly Wright anchored the show. Kelly replaced Julian Phillips, who was without a doubt the worst co-host (arguably) that I’ve ever seen.

    I have switched to CNN (weekdays and weekends) and I thought day would never happen. The analysts can be biased, but the anchors seem to be reasonably objective. If you want the news, F&F mornings is not the place to go.

  36. Jerry Wayne Haskins Says:

    When Juliet Huddy and Mike I forget his last name (sorry) were on along with julian phillips the weekend show had an edge. The only people that can bring that back without the residue the phillips left. Mr. Ailes if you will
    take my advice, I promise F&F weekend, will be back at #1. OK
    Rick Reithmuth, along with the young cute dark haired weather girl
    (sorry) I forgot her name, and round it out with Greg Kelly.
    You will have a great weekend morning show, I promise you.
    I am giving you free advice Mr. Ailes because I love what you’ve done at
    Fox news and I know Mr. Murdoch doesn’t pay much.

  37. Clara Fries Says:

    I think Fox has lost it again. They got the new good lookin young guy, now he dissapeared, I think he had potential. Greg Kelly is gone, Clayton is not serious enough, and Courtney cant even read the prompter …….(Hollywood needs her big time)
    I think Ainsley is trying hard, but lacks either experience or is in the wrong place at the wrong time. None of them go together, and I think that Fox would do better is they forgot about age. Get some older hosts with experience to make it interesting, and then I will be compelled to watch again. I dont mean: Old foggies”, but some hosts with substance and a quick wit, like Brian and Steve.

  38. Danny Says:

    Courtney Friel is a crude attempt at “Jiggling” the cast. Bimbos are just not that cool nor informative.

  39. Ana Says:

    We have been watching F&F for years now, could you please tell your anchor Allyson to dress like a mother of 3, my husband says for such a credible show she brings it down to trashy, you do not need ratings that bad that she has to show up with her dress up her *#@% , give us more credit than that, we watch for the NEWS, she should be ashamed.

  40. Clayton: “The Maternity Shuffle” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] no more unexplained F&FW absences, e.g., Kiran Chetry, Page Hopkins, etc. Your FNC viewers and Aly’s fans deserve an answer. Is Aly still your F&FW […]

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