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Dave’s “Small Little Crush”: Softer, Sexier Molly?

June 8, 2011

Molly: Breasts? Got ‘em, too. Fox & Friends Weekend‘s “new girl” Molly Line seemed intent on proving that she was all woman Saturday. After the author suggested that the generally “high-necked garb” gal might well soon be tutored by her ebony sister Harris Faulker to show her “softer, sexier side,” Molly seemed to have listened and learned well. In her very next F&FW appearance after the CD article, Molly showcased her erstwhile hidden distaff charms to her F&FW fans.

During a Saturday F&FW segment entitled “Bridal Boot Camp, Molly enthusiastically joined Nikki Glor (of Nikki Fitness) for a cardio/full-body bride-to-be workout. Eschewing her more usual demure dress, Molly confidently wore a somewhat low-cut, hot pink top. Apparently, having proudly proved a week earlier to her F&FW viewers during Fleet Week that she had “what it takes” as to her gluts, she seemed eager to show that she was similarly worthy as to her upper sphere–or, spheres.

Consequently, Molly went through Glor’s paces of deep plunges and torso contortions unabashedly as her every moment was closely chronicled by the F&FW camera. Later, when Molly had completed her rigorous regimen, she tossed back to her co-hosts, Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris: Smiling appreciatively, Dave declared, “Nice job, ladies.”

Subsequently, after Dave and Clayton had finished promoting the post-break stories and as the block drew to a close, an eager F&FW cameraman returned to close-ups of Molly–not to mention, her oscillating opalescent orbs–as she happily performed one last aerobic activity for her audience.

Apparently, Molly’s siren call did not end then and there for Dave: a day later, as he co-anchored F&FW Sunday with Ainsley Earhardt and Clayton, he seemed still mesmerized by the brunette Boston beauty. When Clayton promoted a new Fox News application during the program that allowed users to access various show segments, Dave devilishly declared, “You can even watch the “Bridal Boot Camp” segment from yesterday with Nicole Glor–if you’re just, just hanging out, you know.”*

As Dave showed the audience the iPad with Molly exercising, Ainz heartily laughed. Slightly less animated, Clayton chuckled and pointed at Molly’s video, commenting, “”This is what Dave was doing yesterday when he got home: He said, ‘You know, I really want to watch the “Bridal Boot Camp” segment again.’”

Turning to Dave with a smile, Ainsley teased, “Dave, I wonder why.” Perhaps, pausing for a moment with a slight tinge of jealousy (as she remembered how Dave had suggested that she herself was a “hot mama” a mere week and a day earlier), Ainsley mischievously added, “He has a small little crush.”

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 06/05/11 (@ 6:27 a.m. ET)

Molly Line’s Gluts: An F&FW Afterthought

June 1, 2011

Molly’s end: bottom of the Carpe Diem barrel? Before moving on from Fox & Friends’ “new girl,” the author was compelled to include one last Molly Line (Memorial Day Weekend) item. Mercifully, at an end for now, at least, for some–especially, perhaps, her potential F&F Weekend rivals, Ainsley Earhardt and Juliet Huddy. Not to mention, this dry but displaced author (with a backlog of potential posts).

Apparently, as a newcomer to Fox & Friends, Molly is in the process of learning that she is the “Fox” and that her boy bookends are the “Friends.” Accordingly, she has already heeded the apparent advice of her former WFXT-Fox 25 (Boston) colleague and current F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth not to “break a leg” but to “show some leg.” Last Saturday, Molly upped the ante, not only generously displaying her magnificent gams for her FNC viewers during the show but also flaunting her taut tush for them during Fleet Week naval exercise routines. [In the F&FW navy fitness segment entitled, "Do You Have What It Takes?," a lissome Molly worked her "nice and tight" gluts exclusively as the F&FW cameraperson panned in frequently to marvel at her rear in motion and at rest.*]

However, unlike F&FW‘s proud putative queen, Alisyn Camerota, Molly still seems loathe to exercise her upper body strength. I.e., the naif vixen still disdains the distaff domain of her decolletage as she still studiously swaddles her torso in her high-necked garb de rigeur. Perhaps, FNC’s Harris Faulkner, will soon tutor her alabaster sister with a few pointers for fit femme fatales with a softer, sexier side.

*Fox & Friends Weekend - 05/28/11 (@ 5:40 a.m. ET)

FNC’s “Red” Fox Magic?

November 10, 2008

Are the red foxes of FNC seducing their viewers with science? Apparently, the FNC producers read the “red” study, took it to heart, and sent the memo to their lovelies. Less than two weeks ago, Fox News reported that the University of Rochester study indicated that a woman in red was seen as more attractive and more sexually desirable than if she were clothed in another color. In the last few days, the morning Fox foxes have made up a sea of red enough to drown their happy, hapless hes.

E.g., Friday, America’s Newsroom Megyn Kelly’s sexy short, sleeveless red dress and her fun, flirty red shoes were enough to incite a fire. Before her appearance, she had been preceded by F&F Gretchen Carlson in red and was later followed by Happening Now’s Jane Skinner similarly swathed. Today, Megan wore a reddish hue albeit not pure bright red: Her morning colleagues, Gretch (as F&F co-anchor and HN’s guest host), the Breaking News Desk’s Harris Faulkner and’s Courtney Friel were clad in the color of love.

Is the viewer a “victim” of science? In the animal world, male primates are attracted by their mates who increasingly redden as they reach ovulation. In the demimonde, sirens have long displayed their red lights to lure the lonely shipman in port. In today’s more genteel society, have women been waving their same red wands in the form of clothing, shoes, and makeup? If so, it seems to be working. And no one is complaining.,2933,444415,00.html

Page Appears!

March 31, 2008

Page Hopkins, a favorite co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, has been resurrected. According to a reader (thanks, Brendon) and Johnny Dollar’s Place, the flaxen-haired beauty has finally “called in.” At approximately 11:13 a.m. ET, the long-lost lovely appeared on FNC’s What’s Happening Now co-anchored today by Jon Scott and Harris Faulkner. The author is not sure of her status or the circumstances of her appearance.

For approximately a month, Page has been below the radar. FNC has failed to fully answer the many questions about where Page was, whether posed by e-mail, on Alisyn Camerota’s greenroom blog, or by radio callers to Judge Napolitano and Brian Kilmeade’s show. FNC’s cavalier manner of changing co-hosts without apprising the audience has shown little regard for its loyal viewer base.

Maybe, Fox News is changing its stripes. Rick Reichmuth called in yesterday and proved that he was indeed on vacation. Today Page appeared seeming to indicate that she is still with FNC in some capacity. Will Fox & Friends Weekend finally announce whether Ainsley Earhardt and Clayton Morris have replaced Page Hopkins and Kelly Wright permanently and that Greg Kelly has retained his position? Hopefully, Fox News has seen the light.



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